Buying a home can be a dream come true, but the process can become a nightmare unless you share the appropriate information with your real estate agent. After all, the agent cannot help you to find a home unless he or she knows what type of property that you are looking to buy. Being open and honest will help you to find your new home more quickly.


One of the most important decisions about buying a home is deciding upon a budget. This is also the first piece of information that an agent will need to begin assisting you in finding a home to purchase. However, the agent can help you with determining a budget based upon your income, savings and other factors. You can also choose to work with a bank or other lender to determine an appropriate budget before beginning your search. If you do have a budget to provide your agent, let him or her know whether the budget is set in stone or if there is some wiggle room.

Future Plans

In addition to explaining your current needs, you should also share with your real estate agent your future plans. For example, if you are planning on getting married, having children or bringing an elderly relative to live with you, it is important to give this information to the real estate agent. This will allow the agent to find you a home that will meet your future needs as well as your current ones.

Must Haves

You should let your agent know if there are attributes that a home must have for you to consider purchasing it. For example, if you must have a fenced yard for your dogs, your agent needs this information. Similarly, you should also inform your agent of any deal breakers. You should think about where you currently live and where you have lived in the past and write down the things that you liked and those that you did not like. This list will help you to determine what you want your home to have and to not have.

Recreational Activities

If you like to dine in trendy restaurants, golf every chance that you get or simply like quiet evenings at home, this is important information for a realtor. A great apartment overlooking the downtown area may be ideal for one person, but a nightmare for another. By letting your agent know what you like to do, the agent can better decide what properties to show you that are located near to places that you will enjoy.

Your Feelings

It is important that you are completely honest with the agent when he or she begins showing you properties. Though many people will politely say that a home is fine when they really hate it, it is important to be honest and to tell the agent what you like or don’t like about a property. This information will allow the agent to better learn what you are looking for in a home. In fact, the process of looking at homes and seeing what you like and don’t like will also allow you to learn what you are seeking in a home. By sharing this information with your agent, you will be able to more quickly find the home of your dreams.