San Mateo has some of the best real estate the western United States has to offer. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, it’s one of the best parts of the San Francisco Bay. Called home by almost 100,000 residents, it’s one of the largest suburbs on the San Francisco Bay peninsula. The area offers a wide variety of property from which to choose, including single-family homes, multi-family dwellings and condominiums and townhomes. Price ranges include something everyone can afford, from bargain prices to ones that only a few can afford. For young families just hoping to find a nice starter home, San Mateo offers plenty of choices. The lowest priced single-family homes begin at around $375,000 while the most expensive ones cost over 2.5 million dollars.

The homes offer buyers old-world charm at reasonable prices. Most have between 2-4 bedrooms and 1-3 bathrooms, enough room for growing families or those families already established. Most of the houses are older, having been built between 1930 and 1950. While having some age on them, they wear it very well. While some have yards with the white picket fence around them, others offer more spacious areas for kids and parents to enjoy the great outdoors. Many of the homes have spacious yards that are perfect for installing a swing set or other toys. And when it comes to schools, quality is not a question with San Mateo schools. Most schools within the area are located within one or two miles of most houses, giving parents peace of mind while still maintaining a close-knit community.

For those families not wanting the responsibility of upkeep that houses bring, the answer may be a condominium or townhome. Many of these are priced much lower than traditional houses, with some starting as low as $160,000. For that price, a family can get a beautiful condo with an open floor plan, two bedrooms and two bathrooms and much more. Many of these complexes resemble resorts, offering residents such amenities as swimming pools, tennis courts, putting greens and children’s play areas. Most condos and townhomes are conveniently located near downtown, making it convenient for parents and their kids to visit nearby shops, restaurants and other attractions. Spectacular views are also included with many of these homes, along with security features like gated parking areas and locked storage areas. Privacy and quiet are at a premium, allowing parents of young children to feel safe in their surroundings while still having enough freedom to move around.

Between the beautiful California weather and the friendly neighbors in San Mateo, it’s easy to see why the area has witnessed a population increase over the past decade. Quality schools, a small-town atmosphere and beautiful homes have made San Mateo one of the best destinations in California for young professionals and their families. Whether a condo or a regular house, people living in San Mateo know they are living where it’s safe to let kids play and have everyone enjoy themselves.