In the past few years, Internet users have made a shift towards using social sites for as many tasks as possible. Long gone are the days of simply interacting with friends and family. Many end users spend a good majority of their day using sites like Facebook and Pinterest for everything from learning about new products to finding a great recipe for tonight’s dinner.

Real estate agents can draw on this surge of use to cultivate leads and ultimately rent or sell properties. Interacting with potential customers is easy if you know how to get their attention.

It is important to remember that while many end-users enjoy interacting with their favorite brands and local businesses, in the end the majority of users are on these sites to be social first. That is why it is important to cultivate a brand before diving into the social media pool.

Branding Yourself on Social Media

You set up your agency’s Facebook page, but you’re wondering where all the customers are. Searching for leads on social media sites can often be just as difficult as searching for them in person. There are many ways to market your agency online, so it is best to utilize as many of them as possible.

Blogging sites such as Tumblr and social bookmarking sites like Pinterest should factor into your social media marketing strategy as much Facebook and Twitter. Throwing out your marketing message is simple, but it takes time to cultivate your brand image.

Provide Value for Your Customers First, Advertise Later

The simple act of throwing a marketing message onto a site and hoping someone takes the bait is a mistake. You should always offer value in addition to your marketing message. Give your customers something they would like to share with their friends and family across multiple platforms.

Whether your added value is advice on home improvement, taxes or what to look out for when purchasing a new home, it is important. Keep in mind that incessant marketing messages can turn a potential customer off when they are using social media sites.

People are on these sites for social interaction, not to be bombarded with marketing messages. Real estate agents can cultivate an online personality by frequently interacting with potential customers on a personal level rather than by pushing a marketing message.

Using Social Bookmarking Sites to Your Advantage

Social bookmarking sites like Pinterest are a great marketing vehicle when they are used properly. Utilizing tags on Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your website and gain followers. The Pinterest community is skewed towards women in their 20s and beyond, so it is a great place to get the attention of your target market.

Having someone on your staff that can take great pictures or hiring a professional photographer is a vital component of marketing real estate on social bookmarking sites. Pinterest users in particular are impressed by beautiful images.

Attractive pictures are the first step to getting attention on these sites because they can spark people’s interest and drive traffic to your website. No marketing message should ever be included on a social bookmarking site. These sites are communities that are built on trust. Instead of marketing directly, remember to offer added value in the form of advice or interesting content.