The San Mateo real estate market is here again to face some significant price modifications in near future. As per the current market trends the standard ratio of property selling price and the list price has already crossed the 100% mark. In February this year the ratio was nearly 105.7%. This significant increase has appeared in the scene after a long time since 2005-06.

5 Recent changes in the real estate market in San Mateo

The real estate market is going through frequent changes and you need to be well acquainted with these changes if you’re planning for real estate investing in San Mateo. Read along and learn the 5 most important changes:

  1. The disparity amongst buyers and sellers: When the ratio of selling and listing price grows beyond the mark of 100%, it proves that the average property sale is more than the ultimate list price. This inclination testifies the lack of balance between the buyers and sellers. This imbalance may affect the buyer demand in a big way. The lack of freshly listed property may not be able to satisfy the strong demand for real estate properties.
  1. The ratio is inclined to rise: The ratio of property selling and listing price has not only maintained the high stature for long, but it has also shown inclination for going up again. The current price range of the salable properties is being moderated by the sellers. The parameter for listing the price is the sales record of comparable homes in the last 3 months. With all the needed moderation, the ratio has possibilities to go high.
  1. The inventory levels have plummeted: The inventory in San Mateo has plummeted since the middle of 2010. The increase in sales has made the inventory level plummet gradually. The slow listing of new properties also contributed in the process.
  1. The property prices may go up: As the inventory level is going low and the property listing is not that much swift, you can easily expect the property prices to rise again. In fact the elevation in price has already started taking place. This hike in price may affect people who’re looking for mortgages in San Mateo. The increase in price range in almost 10% according to the current market reports.
  1. The condition of the market sales: The sales activity in San Mateo is expected to remain strong throughout the year. This may turn the market a bit of competitive for the people seeking mortgages. The total property sales record in January and February in 2013 is quite good enough as more than 100 properties have already been sold.

These 5 changes have already created a stir in the San Mateo real estate market. There are various other upcoming changes which may leave a huge impact on the market sales. So, if you’re looking for mortgages or property purchase in San Mateo, then make it a point to check the modifications from beforehand to make the most of your real estate deal.